Sunday: Day of Rest?

Brittany and Karl

Today marked our first day back in Rome, a free day to wander and explore as we wished. Karl and I headed off on an adventure across town. The first location that we stopped to examine was The Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, a magnificently large building near the Capitol. The picture we took doesn’t do it justice, but can give you an idea of the scale of it.

From there, we continued on to the Piazza Navona, one of the largest and most decorative squares in Rome. Three fountains decorate the center, as well as a giant Egyptian obelisk. As we examined the square, we found the Museum of Rome and explored. Inside was an exhibit completely about Roman Fashion through the ages. From hoop skirts to religious dress to movie set props, we saw it all. The entire day was spent trying whatever took our fancy, as it was for the rest of the group. Tomorrow we will continue on to Sorrento. Until then, Ciao!


So this is sort of our catch-up day. ost of us are taking it a bit easier than we have so far on this whirlwind of a trip. But not overly so, we are still all over the place. Those who want to go see something quick that they missed last time are off doing that, such as the group who went to the zoo (led by our resident aspiring zookeeper Eliza) or others who headed to the museum across the street since they missed it last free day. Others are working on their journals, or in my case the blog, to be all ready for the next part of our journey. We only have a few assignments on this trip, but one is to keep a daily journal which includes what we did and learn that day and then to reflect on it- very similar to what gets posted here.

The other is a bit more theatrical. We were each given a figure from the history of the Roman Republic or Empire to research and present about, in character, at the end of the trip. We are all familiar with the various people who contributed to the rise and fall of the Romans, but Professor Davis assigned us each a character based on our personal characteristics, whether we physically reminded him of Caesar or posessed a value trait shared by Sulla, so it will be interesting to see how similar we each are to these important people in history. We are going to give a 10 minute speech in character about the person and their influence on the state of Rome at the end of the trip. If you talk to one of us, ask about who we got and what we think about them. It should be amusing to say the least!

The Monument to Victor Emmanuel II
Piazza Navona