"I am by birth a Genevese..."

Yesterday marked our last day on the London tube and it did not disappoint us. Given our early schedule, we all thought we would finally see the sight we scarcely allowed ourselves to imagine--an empty tube. Alas, per usual, the tube was packed even at five in the morning. We all enjoyed our time in London, so maybe the 45 minutes we spent squished in a busy tube will make the separation easier.

We flew to Geneva by Swiss Air. All students agree this short flight was the best. We were served croissants and chocolate while leisurely watching Mr. Bean. After our flight arrival, we quickly came to adapt to the new city's transportation system.

After an excellent lunch, we hopped on a bus and drove out to Cologny, the home of the Villa Diodati, where Lord Byron and the Shelleys spent the summer of 1816. It was here that during a violent storm on Lake Geneva that Mary Shelley began work on Frankenstein. Getting to the house was an adventure in itself. After getting off the bus, we hiked 10 minutes up a steep, narrow, winding road, dodging expensive cars all the way. But once we reached the top, the struggle was forgotten. At the bottom of the green, grassy hill (yes, green in January), the city of Geneva sat on the lake's opposite shore. Behind it rose white-capped mountains, snow glistening in the sunset.

Today, we hope to see even more spectacular views as we follow our fearless leader up the biggest hill yet--Mont Blanc. But don't worry, this time we'll be relaxing in a cable car.

Our two fearless leaders relaxing outside Lord Byron's summer home.
We're here at the Villa Diodati, birthplace of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!
Creature selfie--home sweet home!