Arrival in Amsterdam

We finally made it to Amsterdam! Hello jet lag.

Yesterday we started our travels by getting on a coach bus headed for Chicago. It was a pretty long ride, lasting about 6 hours, but friendly conversation and stories from John Moeller about the "olden days" at Luther helped pass the time. All I have to say is people living in Larsen back in the day were something special.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, quickly got checked in, and through security. As far as I know, my bag won the lightest contest, weighing in with an even 16 pounds. To help pass the time, the food court became my best friend.

Between some high quality Chinese food and an intense game of euchre, the hours passed quickly. I also staged "step one" of my plan to travel cheaply: do not turn down free food. If someone offers you their extras, never say no. That way, throughout the trip, they will know to offer you anything they don't want. I get free food, they feel less wasteful, and we all win!

After accepting all of the extras and eating a larger meal than I care to admit, we finally got to board the plane... and wait. Partially due to the weather, we were stuck on the plane for 2 hours. It took them a long time to de-ice us, but even longer than usual because the vehicle had to go refuel before it had a chance to finish. At least we avoided the snow and getting canceled! Despite the long hours of waiting and late night departure, American Airlines was generous enough to offer even more food during the flight once we were up in the air.

Since we were delayed on the first flight, we had to reschedule our departure for Amsterdam. This gave us an opportunity to explore the airport in London, and start noticing some differences like how "Lays" chips are apparently called "Walkers." It's also interesting how most of the cars look kind of rounded. A bit hard to explain, but they just look like the stereotypical "British" cars I had pictured in my head.

I think we were all ready to get the last flight overwith, and it was nice to know I would be able to actually sleep in an area with reasonable leg-room. We'll see what adventures Todd and John have in store for us on the rest of the trip, but we're all excited to get the trip going. We just got our bags (with one mixup) and will be headed out of the airport soon.

Until next time,