Get to Know Your Blogger

Hello everybody!

My name is Ben Harney and I'm in charge of blogging for the Islam in Europe course this January. I believe I can speak for the entire class when I say we're incredibly excited to start this adventure and it's finally setting in since finals are done! Throughout the month, I hope to keep you updated on all the events our leaders, Todd Green and John Moeller, have planned for us while we're across the Atlantic. With great speakers and such a relevant topic in today's world, our class should be nothing short of fascinating.

To get to know a bit about me, I'm a senior management major with math and environmental studies minors. At Luther, I try to keep myself busy with ultimate frisbee, PALS (a big brother/sister organizaiton), Believing and Achieving (an afterschool tutoring program for local youth), and a variety of intramural sports. While I've never been to Europe, I'm passionate about travel and have been fortunate enough to visit Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, and the Virgin Islands. I'm excited to see how this trip compares, and experience the variety of cultures, sights, and especially food!

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to see updates on all the adventures we'll be having, starting January 5th. If you're ever curious where we will be headed, don't hesitate to check our itinerary page. Happy holidays!


Ben Harney