LSCO, on Ice!

On January 22nd, a group of us went ice skating in the evening in front of Vienna's City Hall. The park in front of the building had been magically transformed to include and ice rink complex. Opening night: free admission!

There was a brief opening ceremony on the ice as we excitedly lined up to rent our skates. (Tip: if you want to figure out your approximate European shoe size, just take your US shoe size and add 30. There were two rinks, which were connected by a series of icy pathways, so that skaters could freely move between them. Colorful lights illuminated the ice, and popular American Top 40 tunes sounded across the speakers. I could sense the overall atmosphere of joy and excitement.

So many people came out for the opening night! There were skaters of varying ages and skill levels, some who artfully weaved through the crowds like Olympic athlete trainees, others who slowly shuffled and tried to gather their bearings. I had only been skating once or twice in my lifetime before this, so I was one of those slow movers who hugged the outer walls and frequently teetered off-balance. Despite this, I still had so much fun, and I think I improved over the course of the night! I was so proud when I successfully completed one round around the rink without touching the wall. Plus, I never fell down once!

What a great way to spend the evening!

Until next time,
Katie Fillmore

Vienna City Hall behind the rink
I don't know how to skate
Eva, Ice Skating Pro
Opening Night at the Skating Rink