A Day at the Spa

Each week, we have rehearsal in the morning followed by either sectionals, class, or a visit somewhere in the afternoon. We are staying busy as we prepare for our concerts coming up next week. After our rehearsals and class on Tuesday, however, we got a special treat: a trip to the spa! 

We have gotten pretty familiar with the public transportation systems here, mainly the subway system, or the U-bahn, as it is referred to here in Vienna. We use it to get to places both on our own and with a group. You can imagine, though, that even with the experience we have gained using it that it is difficult to get almost 100 people to the same place at the same time using the public transportation. We are getting good at cramming into small spaces on the subway cars to ensure that we all get on. To get to the spa, we had to take two different subway lines followed by a bus. While it is feasible to fit us all onto subway cars, managing to get 100 people to a bus stop and on a single bus together is a little bit more of a challenge. Two buses full of students later, we all made it to our final destination: the spa! 

After all the rehearsing and walking around the city that we have been doing lately, the spa was a wonderful place to unwind and have some fun. I call it a spa because it is technically considered a thermal spa, but it had water slides and swimming pools. There was, however, a definite sulfur smell in and around the building and the pools were filled with warm water. The water slides were a big hit with everyone, as were the outdoor pools! 

Following our time at the spa, we had a group dinner at a Heurige within walking distance. This was probably one of my favorite places that we have eaten so far because the atmosphere was fantastic! The restaurant was really cute both inside and outside and the people helping us were a lot of fun. A Heurige is a place where this year's wine is served, which is a rough translation of the word. We had a buffet-style dinner that had a wide array of options, all of which were delicious. The different kinds of strudel that they had for dessert definitely finished off the meal well! Overall, Tuesday was a wonderful day of relaxation and time to enjoy each other's company.