Salzburg: Schnitzel, Soufflé and Steigl

Earlier this afternoon our flight landed in Munich, Germany! After a short bus ride we found ourselves in Salzburg, Austria.

A delay in our flight out of O’Hare put us at our hotel a little later than expected but no worries; we made it to our lavish dinner. Our inaugural dinner was hosted at the oldest restaurant in Austria, dated 809. So almost one thousand years before our country was even founded Ezrabtei St. Peter was sitting here in Austria. Today it is a beautiful restaurant with quality food and very fine service.

Our meal began with some bread and butter and our choice of wine (red or white), beer, Coca-Cola and mineral water. Our first course was a rich beef broth swimming with strips of crêpes and minced chive. It was followed by chicken schnitzel with a fresh lemon wedge and German potato salad. While everything was delicious I have to say dessert was my favorite. While I couldn’t eat it all I enjoyed every bite I was able to take. A very sweet, very perfectly baked soufflé with a raspberry jam at the very bottom was the perfect way to end a perfect meal.

While the food was incredibly delicious the same rule applies in Austria as it does in the States: the people you are with make the experience. Like I said, the wait staff was great. They were fun, courteous and everything you expect from a staff at a fine restaurant. Most importantly though I shared this meal with some of my very favorite people in the world. My very best friends are in this orchestra and I make new friends in the orchestra every day. What an incredible joy it is to share new experiences with these people!

After dinner a group of went exploring and ended up at a Steigl Brewing Co. bar. Of course silly me left the hotel perfectly content in a thick cardigan and rightfully so because it was in the upper 40s. However, silly me did not take into account precipitation. When we left the restaurant and began our adventure I soon found myself soaked but smiling blissfully.

I ended the night laughing with old and new friends over a glass of Goldbräu. I didn’t pay any attention to the wet hair or wet clothes. We swapped stories of fun and awful airplane experiences. We laughed over Stephen (bassoon player and German-English translator for the trip) trying to teach the rest of us German. And we enjoyed our first night in a new and exciting place.

Good night from Salzburg!

Salzburg at night