Our Last Adventure

Somehow, our trip is already almost over! We have had some great experiences, but there was no better way to end the trip than by going to Lamma Island. Professor Kopf lived on Lamma Island when he lived in Hong Kong, so he was excited for us to see why he loves it so much.

Getting to Lamma Island turned out to be quite the adventure. We had planned on going to a Daoist temple in the morning, then catching an 11:00 ferry to the island. We made it to the Daoist temple and spent some time there, but soon realized we were cutting it pretty close on time. It usually takes us a while to get where we're going because we're a pretty big group, but this time we were prepared to move quickly. We got some interesting looks and comments as we ran through a train station and a mall in an attempt to make it on time. Unfortunately, we ended up missing the ferry. We were all just happy that there was another ferry within an hour that could get us to the island.

Once we finally arrived on the island, we got lunch as a group then went to another Daoist temple. It was interesting to see some Daoist temples and compare them to the many Buddhist temples we have seen. After that, we had free time to wander around the island.

Many people from our group ended up at the beach on the island. For us Midwesterners, the weather was perfect. The other people on the beach didn't seem to agree; we were in shorts and t-shirts, but there were many people in heavy jackets. They must've thought we were crazy because a lot of people in our group went swimming! It was so nice to be able to relax on the beach and hang out as a group on our last day in Hong Kong. We've had a busy three weeks, so this down time felt amazing.

Even though we had a great day, it was bittersweet because we know that our trip is coming to an end. However, going to Lamma Island was the perfect way to end the amazing three weeks that we have had.

The beach at Lamma Island.