The Climb of 10,000 Buddhas

Well everyone, we made it to Hong Kong! The flight went smoothly and was happily free of snowstorms. Once we'd landed and dropped our bags off at our hotel, it was time for the next adventure and our first Hong Kong temple visit!

We're Going Where?

Admittedly, when Professor Kopf originally said we were going to run to visit a temple before it closed, no one really expected that temple to be halfway up a mountain. But that's exactly where the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is located. We reached the beginning of the path, which is lined with statues of various Buddhas, a little more than half an hour before the temple closed. Nonetheless, we were determined to make it and began to climb the long and winding path.  

10,000 Buddhas and One Mummy

Amazingly enough, we made it to the temple with about 10 minutes to spare.  It was well worth the climb! The view from the courtyard is incredible, as is the hall of 10,000 Buddhas itself. The courtyard is lined with gold statues and bright colors that contrast with the neutral tones of the city and the green of the surrounding mountains. The inside walls of the hall itself are literally covered with small Buddha figures, each in its own alcove. Even those fade into the background behind the trinity- Buddha and two Bodhisattvas- that sit respledent in gold behind the altar. Seated in front of the Trinity is a mummy! According to some, once someone has reached enlightenment their body with never decay, so there are similar mummies at various temples around China.

Getting to the 10,000 Buddhas was certainly and adventure. Even after making the that climb up the mountainside, everyone agreed that the seeing the Hall of 10,000 Buddhas (and the wild monkeys living nearby!) was well worth the hike.

The view from the courtyard.
Part of the path up to the temple. And this isn't nearly the steepest part!