The Stair Masters

Today, we started out bright and early on our six hour bus ride from Battambang to our final and familiar destination, Phnom Penh. Along the way, we had the opportunity to share our individual research topics with each other. From sex trafficking, the Khmer Rouge, the educational development of Cambodia, to adoption, the topics were diverse and brought up many critical issues that are present in Cambodian culture and governmental policies.

We also made a quick stop at Udong, which is the former Cambodian capital. Here we had a quick workout, as we climbed up 509 steps to reach the top where a temple is located. This temple is still being reconstructed after extensive damage caused by the Khmer Rouge in 1977.

When we arrived in Phnom Penh, we finished our day with a final class. Here we each shared our most memorable parts of the trip, which was hard considering our whole trip will be one for the books. Tomorrow is our last day before we leave Cambodia's tropical weather for the polar vortexes of Iowa. It's bittersweet, but we are already planning an “elephant pants” reunion in the spring!

Jessica and Leah

The view from the top!
Monks hanging out at the top!