A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today was another early morning for the Cambodian group. We boarded the bus at 5:30am to head to Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary. It was a day of mishaps that really tested our patience and flexibility. Between switching buses, late food pickup, several seasick individuals, and three different boat engines dying it was a trying day. Regardless, many of us had the opportunity to see the very rare milky stork. While boating through the backwater of the Tonle Sap Lake we witnessed hundreds of birds feasting on the abundance of fish in the protected area. Ten hours after we woke up, we all made it back in one piece, barely just in time for group dinner.

To end our tumultuous day we had a feast to rival all previous buffets. Towards the end of supper a group of dancers came on stage and impressed us with their Khmer traditional dance performance. Their costumes were elaborate and stunning with bright colors and gems. The way they can move their hands and feet is very impressive almost to the point of painful to watch. We learned at the Living Arts center a few weeks ago that they have to stretch their fingers and elbows every day to increase flexibility to do the dances. It was fun to see what we leaned at the center applied to professional dancing and to see it live.

Although rough, today was worthwhile and a great learning experience.

Meg and Tanya


Some of the birds we saw through the telescope.
Treetop view.