Hammers, Nails and Saws. OH MY!

We had a very interesting day today, as we spent many hours helping Buddhist monks build a “Peace House” for a family in need. That is…seven of us did. Only the men of the group were allowed to assist in the house building process, due to their patriarchal culture. The women observed from a distance, but everyone was happy to even just watch the process of building a home. The peace houses are a project done by the Life and Hope Association (a non-profit NGO), that assist families in need of a home, but requires them to follow guidelines set by the monks including rules against destructive behaviors such as drinking, gambling, abuse, and theft. Accepting a Peace House also means a commitment to send your child to get an education. With this, the organization sets their sights on improving the future of Cambodia through helping the children.

After a long day working on the house, we had the opportunity to attend a cooking class through the Tiger De Papier Restaurant! At this class, we learned how to make vegetable spring rolls, cashew chicken, vegetable curry, and a banana tapioca pudding. It was a lot of work for the food, and we didn’t actually begin dinner until about 8:45, but cooking the meal ourselves absolutely made it worth the wait.

Today was another long but rewarding day, and unfortunately, we only have one week left to explore this amazing country.

Justin and Karin

Our site for building the Peace House with the monks!
The restaurant where we had our cooking class.