Angkor Whaaaat?

When Scott and Ann told us we were leaving at 5 AM today to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat, the general response was, "Angkor whaaaat?" But we did it. We walked to the temple with nothing but a few flashlights to guide us, and we miraculously all made it to the perfect overlook without getting lost from the group. The sun rose slowly, but the colors and spectacular view made it worth the wait. Later in the morning, we drove to Bantei Srei, another temple from the Angkor period. The incredibly intricate carvings set this temple apart from the rest.

With the afternoon came our first opportunity to explore Siem Reap on our own. Some returned to the temples, some went shopping, and others relaxed at the spa or hotel pool. Our favorite spot, pub street (yes, we're college kids), is right around the corner from our hotel. This street is filled with restaurants, bars, spas, and shops, and has colorful lanterns glowing at night. We've fallen in love with Siem Reap!

Michelle and Emma

Sunrise at Angkor Waaat.
Bantie Srei Temple.
Pub Street sign.