Good bye Shanghai, Hello Hong Kong

Good bye Shanghai, Hello Hong Kong

From magnetic trains to airplanes and everything in between, today was a busy one. Waking up at 7am to get in our last traditional Shanghai breakfast and then off to a new destination. Going from check-point to check-point had its own set of difficulties, there were security guards everywhere we looked, checking bags and exchanging smiles. That’s Shanghai for ya! All sixteen of us stuck together through morning rush-hour which was a hassle. 

We finally arrived at our terminal from the crazy, magnetic train called the Maglev. This train travels at up to 430 kilometers her hour and boy was it exciting! Then we went through customs, check-points, got our stamps and off we went on our flight back to Hong Kong! The airline was so NICE. It had so many amenities for such a short time in the air! We were given free headphones, blankets, pillows, entertainment, complementary drinks, and a full meal! It was AWESOME! When you give college kids free stuff like that we get very excited...

Anyway, we landed back in Hong Kong after a quick and easy flight and then boarded our final tram of the day to Central Hong Kong! The view from the tram was stunning; Hong Kong is such a beautiful area, so tropical once you get out of the city! WHO KNEW!? 

Although there are more people in Shanghai than in Hong Kong the cities themselves have a completely different feel to them. Hong Kong is cramped and crowded but is full of the energy of its populace. Shanghai on the other hand is much more spacious and has a more metropolitan feel. These two cities contrast in many ways, but in the end they are both full of incredible Chinese culture that we have been so excited to learn about. 

Arriving at our new hotel, the Check-Inn, a European style hostel has a new feel compared to the last two hotels. We look down on this busy city in aw of the Hong Kong night life below. Once we got settled into our new accommodations, we were off to a dinning experience that we could were not prepared for. Arne Sorenson (Lars’ Father & Luther Alum) was kind enough to treat us to a five course meal that included seemingly endless dishes filled with wonderful Chinese deliciouses. We do not have many pictures of this meal because we were to busy enjoying the amazing fried duck, yam crusted scallops, pigeon lettuce wraps, octopus fried rice, and to cap it off almond bisque. Although we do not have pictures Dr. Kate wanted you all to know that it was the most “yummy” food she ever had! 

Well thats all for tonight folks, we have even more adventures for tomorrow as we are set to explore the rest of Hong Kong.  

Peace out and Stay classy America!

Britta Jean and Anthony James

We found a small piece of home in Shanghai!
On the train- So many travels today...
Dr. Kate enjoying the best lettuce (pigeon) wrap!
Lots of different selections of meat while walking through the markets in Shanghai
Laura finally found her spirit animal
The Three Wise Men
The Sleeping Man
Decaying Palet