Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Sunday is by far the busiest day in Hong Kong, whether you are in the mall or the park you are bound to see a lot of people. Yesterday our group had the pleasure of visiting two parks as part of our overall assignments for this week.

Chi Lin Nunnery

Our first stop of the day was visiting the Chi Lin Nunnery. A very tranquil place, the Chi Lin Nunnery is a sanctuary in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. This garden is built on an old slum that was burnt down. It was then constructed to be a community space that is home to a golden pagoda and many other beautiful sights that hail from the time of the Tang Dynasty. The garden is a site to help preserve and promote the Chinese culture.

While here we were able to explore the grounds of this sacred garden and spiritual place where many come to visit and worship. It truly was an awe-inspiring location to witness what was once a very prevalent style of living. As we explored the gardens, we also worked on shooting our newest assignments, Following and Waiting.

Throughout the week, I've come to notice that a park is one of the best places to take pictures of people without fearing that the subject would notice or get upset. This allows us to become comfortable documenting and capturing these meaningful, decisive moments undetected. 

Kowloon Park

After visiting the Nunnery we made our way back to Kowloon Park, a definite favorite location for our group thus far. Kowloon Park is a massive area filled with ponds, mazes, pools, aviaries, Tai Chi Gardens, and so much more. Most days this park is moderately busy, as it acts as a passageway to other areas in Hong Kong. But come Sunday, the park is bursting with activity. "Everyone and their brother" (as my dad would say) was in the park on Sunday. There were picnics, games, and even Kung Fu demonstrations that brought the park to life. If you ever are looking for something to do on a Sunday, go to Kowloon Park! 

Kowloon Park also made a great location to photograph for our next assignment of Events. With so many people and activities going on, what better opportunity to capture those moments? We were able to witness many different styles and demonstrations of Kung Fu. There were both individual demonstrations as well as Lion dances. 

Our day came to a rather quiet end as we prepared for the impending doom of our first photo critique. Many others and myself grouped up to go through the grueling and painstaking process of selecting 15 photos for our critique. But needless to say we have some good ones, so this may take a while.

Until next time...

*Today’s blog features Ehren Kluge, a junior computer science major and myself (Connor Mattison) a senior environmental studies major. 

First Group Photo!
Truck driver taking a smoke break in the heart of Mong Kok
Inside the Chi Lin Nunnery
The "Pavilion of Absolute Perfection" in the Nan Lian Gardens (part of the Chi Lin Nunnery)
Waiting and Following
Dancing Lion at the Kung Fu demonstration in Kowloon Park
A woman watching the Lion dances in Kowloon Park
One of the many participants in the Kung Fu demonstration in Kowloon Park