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Farewell Dinner & Saying Goodbye


Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day. We attended class in the morning to review our exams and then we played Spanish Pictionary and Taboo in our conversation classes.  After classes it was a free day to enjoy our second-to-last day here in Salamanca.

Many of us took the opportunity to finish up our shopping and to enjoy the sights of Salamanca before we say goodbye. In the evening we were treated to a wonderful meal by Mester at a restaurant called Comida & Vida. The food was fantastic! The first four platters were pre-ordered hour d’oeuvres and included Caesar salad, croquettes, potatoes, and sushi. We then ordered individual plates for the main course. The options ranged from fish, to cow tail, to a hamburger. Just when we all thought we couldn’t eat anymore they served us dessert, which was a small plate with three different desserts on it: a cake brownie, cheesecake with fruit, and mango mousse.

After a 2.25 hour meal some of us decided to stay out and enjoy the nightlife of Salamanca one last time. It truly was a great day!

Saturday & Sunday

Today is also a free day to catch up on sleep, pack, and to take in all we can in our last few hours. Tomorrow we will be leaving Salamanca at 6:30 AM and will take a bus to Madrid to catch our plane midday. We will then fly to Atlanta and transfer to Minneapolis. It has been an amazing three weeks and we have all learned so much about the language and culture of Spain. As much as we are all looking forward to coming home to American food and other amenities, it will be hard to say goodbye.

See you tomorrow!



The scrumptious desserts at our farewell dinner.
One last group photo after the farewell dinner.