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Artesian Guitar Factory Tour

With only three days left here in Salamanca, our trip is quickly coming to an end! After a short 72 hours, all that will stand between us and home (or the Minneapolis airport) is 4,209 miles and a delightful eight-hour plane ride. The time here has gone by so quickly—it seems like just yesterday we were exploring the city for the first time! The trip has been filled with many exciting cultural activities and yesterday was no exception.


We had class in the morning like every other day. Today is our final exam for the course so it was a busy day of review! Both classes have been learning how to improve our grammatical and conversational skills. My favorite class is conversation—hearing the point of view of my classmates is always fun! Our professors always find a way to make class engaging and interesting. I will miss them for sure! 

Artisan Guitar Factory  

In the evening we went to the Marce guitar factory. Just a few minutes outside of the city, the factory was located in an old warehouse. From the moment we entered, the smell of wood shavings and paint filled the air. We explored where they make the guitars and watched as our guide demonstrated the many steps needed to turn all of the individual pieces into a functioning instrument. As we were guided through the process, we were let in on a few trade secrets. I won’t give any of them away here but if in the future, one of us becomes a famous guitar maker, you will all know where the knowledge came from. No tour is complete without a little music, and as we wrapped things up a member of our group serenaded us on the guitar, while Professor DeSantis sang! She did all of us musical Luther students proud—we may have a future contestant for The Voice on our hands!

We are all looking forward to the next couple of fun-filled days, as well as our return back to the States!

¡Hasta Luego!

Megan Kresse

Stacks of "cajas de resonancia" ready for the next step of assembly.
A worker from the factory explains the different pieces and the first steps of assembly.