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Archives & Churros

Today is a very chilly day in Salamanca (45 degrees Fahrenheit) with a blustery wind and a cloudy sky. I think we have all very much enjoyed the 50 or 60 degree weather that has been present here these last few weeks. Today has been a less eventful day than days in the past, but each day in Salamanca is a great one.


Many of us are beginning to realize we only have a few days left in Salamanca, which is bittersweet for most of us. We started off the day right with a little education in our minds, which started off with an hour and a half of grammar and a conversation class to follow. Also, with only two days left until finals, we are hastily studying, and hoping that all goes as planned.

Civil War Archives

At four o’clock our group visited the famous Spanish Civil War Archives in Salamanca. The war occurred right before World War II (1936-1939). There we watched two videos about the struggle between the right and the left political parties of Spain. The left side was the Republic side, which was the side that included Madrid, and the right side was nationalist or the dictatorship with Franco, which was the side of Salamanca. Like in the United States Civil War, there was a lot of propaganda spread around that fought for either side. In the end though, the right nationalist side won the war, therefore Franco became the dictator.


After the Spanish Civil War Archives, with the cold weather and it beginning to rain, a few of us decided to head to Valor, a famous café in Salamanca. There we had chocolate con churros (or chocolate with fried dough for the American in us all). Chocolate in Salamanca is a common dish which is usually eaten between lunch (usually eaten at 2:00 in the afternoon) and dinner (usually eaten at 8:00 or 9:00pm in the evening), and tastes a little richer than Hershey’s syrup and is served warm. We enjoyed spending time together and enjoying our chocolate con churros! We are also looking forward to what the week has to bring us!


Megan Nading

Outside the Spanish Civil War Archives. We weren't able to take pictures inside so this is the best I could do!
Before we devoured the chocolate con churros.
The aftermath of chocolate con churros!