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Salamanca Is Oh So Sweet!


Today began our last week of classes, and it’s amazing how quickly the time has flown. It’s also impressive how much we are capable of learning in such a short period of time, both in and out of the classroom. At the end of the week we have a short written/oral exam in class, so over the next few days we will begin reviewing for that.


After class today, some of us went to our favorite pastelería (bakery, for all you English-speakers) here in Salamanca, which we have frequented perhaps more than I care to admit. The shelves are filled with more delicate pastries, cookies, cakes, sandwiches and breads than one can count—all very reasonably priced. The Spanish take pride in their food, and most, if not all, cities or regions have their own “signature” dessert. In Salamanca there is a simple cookie called a perronilla, made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and almonds—yum!

La Clerecía

Most afternoons we have a tour of an important building or place in Salamanca. Today we visited La Clerecía of the University Pontificia of Salamanca, built in the 17th and 18th centuries. We saw the beautifully decorated baroque-style church, and got to climb all the way to the top by the bells, the highest place in Salamanca. The multiple, grueling flights of stairs were worth it when we reached the top and saw the view of the entire city from a bird’s eye view. It never ceases to amaze me how much history resides in every crevice of the city, and how lucky we are to experience it all.



La Clerecía: downsized to scale.
A view of Salamanca from atop La Clerecía.
Just a small percentage of treats offered at the pastelería.
A pastry bigger than my face!