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The Market, Museum & Mediterranean Food

A Trip to the Market

Yesterday we had classes in the morning as usual, and right after they finished we left to see the Wholesale Food Market. There was a variety of food for sale there, from fresh fruits and vegetables to fresh fish and meat. The meat could not have been any fresher, as much of it was being prepared for sale right then and there, so the smell was rather strong to say the least.

A Museum Visit

Later in the afternoon we went to the Museum of Salamanca. There we saw many stone sculptures, including pieces that were once in a palace. There were also several paintings, many depicting religious scenes. As we moved through the museum the art got more modern, so there were also some more abstract paintings on display.

El Puente Romano (The Roman Bridge)

After the museum we walked to see the Roman Bridge. As the name suggests, it was built when the Romans were in control of this part of the world. At the time, it was the only bridge in and out of the city, so it was very well travelled.

Mediterranean Cooking Class

Following the museum visit, there was a cooking class for a traditional Spanish dish called paella. Paella consists of rice, shrimp, fish, and vegetables like peas, green beans, and onion. The instructor made the food and explained the process as he was doing so, and when it was finished we got to eat it, and it was quite good.

¡Hasta luego!

Emmalyn Stumpf

Fruit and vegetable stand at the food market.
A room in the Museum of Salamanca.
Our group at El Puente Romano with a couple of other students from the United States.