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An Afternoon Filled with Jewelry & Basketball

We are now almost done with our second week of classes! Our time in Spain is flying by and as every day passes, I feel my Spanish improving.  The locals here in Salamanca speak very fast, and I can now understand nearly everything that goes on in a conversation; at school, at my host family’s house, and on the street.  It seems like we are all becoming very accustomed to life in Salamanca. 

Luiz Méndes- Artesanos Jewelry

This afternoon, our group visited a joyería, or a jewelry shop, that is owned by a third generation of filigree jewelers.  In Salamanca, the charro is a very popular symbol that I see in shops all around the city, on necklaces, earrings, key chains, etc.  All of the jewelry in this shop is completely hand-crafted and they have many pieces of traditional Salamancan jewelry.  Our group was able to see the many steps that it took to create one of these traditional pieces of jewelry.  The process was very tedious, and the jeweler said that, depending on the size, it takes around 2-3 hours to completely finish one piece.

Perfumerias Avenida (Salamanca’s Women Basketball Team)

Tonight we all went to a see the Salamanca Women’s basketball team play Turkey.  It was really fun because we all went with other students from Mester (our school) and were able to see how passionate the Spaniards were for their team.  The players on Salamanca’s team were all very tall and thin, and the players from Turkey were quite a bit shorter.  Many of us also noticed that several of the players on both teams were from the United States, which was very interesting. It was a very intense and fun game to attend.  In the first half it was very close, but in the second half Salamanca built a huge lead, which of course lead Salamanca to win with a score of 68-48. 

¡Hasta Luego!

Leah Dahlquist

The jeweler demonstrating the old technique of solidifying the pieces of jewelry.
The jeweler demonstrating the placement of decorative metal beads on the pendant.
The finished pendant.
The Salamanca (white jerseys) vs. Turkey basketball game.