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The Old University Building!


Yesterday it started out as a “cold” day in Salamanca. The temperature was in the low 40’s with light rain and gusts of wind. Even though it was barely raining, everybody in Salamanca had their umbrellas out! However, by the afternoon it had warmed up to the low 50’s and the sun came out, making it a perfect afternoon.


It’s our second week of classes and we are finally getting used to our routine! My favorite class is our conversation class, where we have casual conversations with the professor and other students. Yesterday we discussed cultural differences between the United States and Spain, it was even more interesting when the girls from France got to add in their cultural differences. We had fun discussing differences in food and comparing important monumental sites. We also always learn new vocab words in this class; my personal favorite is “tableta de chocolate” or abs in English!

Visit to the Old University Building

Yesterday we spent the afternoon touring the old university building in Salamanca. This university is really cool because it’s the third oldest university in Europe that remains open to this day! It was founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, and today still houses over 30,000 students! The university has two separate buildings that we visited, the first, which is called “Escuelas Mayores”, is home to the beautiful ancient library and has many of the old classrooms left intact to see. The second building, called “Escuelas Menores” is where many of the schools and classes taken today are held. In the “Escuelas Menores” we were also able to see the beautiful “El Cielo de Salamanca”, which is the famous ceiling painting, which used to be in the ancient library. Unfortunately we were not able to take photos of the ceiling painting since it is so old, but it was amazing to see! After we toured the old university building, some of us attended a lecture on Spanish art and a Sevillanas dance lesson (a dance very similar to the Flamenco).  


¡Hasta Luego!

Sara Schlimgen

The beautiful ancient library of the old university building!
The patio of the Escuelas Menores.