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Hot Chocolate & Churros...What More Do You Need?!

Por la Mañana (in the morning):

As we near the end of our first week of classes it has been very fun to see just how fast we are learning the language. It gets easier to converse with the people and to understand the fast pace in which they speak. I find that I am able to understand even the more rapid speakers now and I can convey my own thoughts much better than I could a mere week ago. It seems almost easy to understand the teachers, other peers and our host families as we become more and more familiar and comfortable.  

Por la tarde (in the afternoon):

We spent some time today visiting the Casa Liz. The first part of the tour of this house-turned-museum was Churros with Chocolate. The cafe was at the back of the building and it had windows, lamps, and mirrors with stained glass. It was a very beautiful room and the chocolate was very rich (Jordan couldn't even finish his). The building was originally owned by a wealthy businessman and his family, but when he died the house was abandoned. Now the Casa Liz holds a huge collection of historic dolls and ivory and bronze statues. Our ever-helpful guide and group coordinator, Carlos, was with us giving the tour and explaining the history and significance of the artifacts in the museum. 

Por la noche (in the evening):

After the museum the group split up and some of us went to enjoy more of the fantastic sales in the area and others went to a cooking class on the Mediterranean style, it was really fun for those that went and they enjoyed the experience. It is really fun to see all of the different aspects of the culture here in Spain and every part of our journey adds to our knowledge of Spanish and the history that goes along with it!

¡Gracias y Buenos días!

Laura Boran

The group entering the Casa de Liz. Unfortunately, we were prohibited from taking pictures of anything other than the café inside, but there were beautiful stained glass windows everywhere.
Another view of the building that was the house of the family Liz, but is now a beautiful museum.
Carlos enjoying churros with hot chocolate with us in the café in the Casa de Liz. We had a great conversation with him about the Spanish language, the culture of Spain, and other topics.
A photo of the Mediterranean style cooking class, what fun! They made a traditional dish called tortilla Espanola.