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Cathedrals, a Tapas Tour & So Much More!


Yesterday was a very busy day in Spain for us! We had our usual classes: a grammar class and then a conversation class. I really enjoyed the conversation class because we talked about things that are enjoyable to talk about, but then at the same time we are still learning. As a talkative person, I loved this, but if you don’t like to talk much it is still easy to be in the conversation.


After we had classes we went back and ate some delicious food with our host families. I can’t say that I’ve had a meal here that I truly did not like. I have also heard from the rest of the group that the food has been excellent. After lunch we returned to Mester, the school, to meet up and then we were taken on a tour of the two cathedrals in Salamanca. They were glorious!!! There is a new cathedral and an old one and we climbed up in the towers, which actually wasn’t too bad because there are different levels that you can stop at. It can be a little scary if you are afraid of heights, but for me it was fantastic! So far I would recommend this as the number one place to visit in Salamanca. There are three different views you see while climbing and all are amazing. After the cathedrals we visited a garden that told the tale of a love story, similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. To the side you can see a picture of the chains where people “lock” their love forever and throw away the key. Then we visited the cave of Salamanca which also has a story attached dealing with the “diablo” (devil).


We returned to the Mester school to listen to a lecture on Spanish Art and afterwards some people chose to partake in a Salsa dance class. Finishing the day was a Tapas tour, which was basically going to different places to try some delicious food! I learned a lot of things today but the most important was to look where you are going while you are walking, you never know what you could run into (which was a bench for me, but don’t worry, I’m ok!!). It was still such a fantastic day. So lucky to be here.

Hasta Luego,

Brianna Mclain

Locks that are placed in the garden by lovers.
Our group on the first level of the cathedral.