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El Ballet del Lago de los Cisnes


Today was our first day taking classes at our school, called Mester. It is a well-known program in Salamanca that teaches Spanish to students from all over the world who are staying just a few weeks or for a whole semester, and also teaches English and Spanish to others who want to learn it. We have two classes each day: grammar and conversation. Both have great, engaging teachers who are very proud to be Spaniards and teach us about their culture. They keep telling us the best way to learn Spanish is to go out and force yourself to learn it on the streets. This is true!  


After our last class we walked back to our houses for lunch with the families. Typically lunch consists of quite a few different types of food and very large portions! The host mothers always seem surprised with us when we don't eat all seven pounds of food they give us. 

A Trip to the Ballet

Our professor had also scored us free tickets to the ballet at the theater in Salamanca, and it was the famous Swan Lake performed by the Russian ballet! We took taxis to the other side of town and rubbed shoulders with the fancy pants of Salamanca, while soaking in a stunning ballet. The costumes and sets were incredible and the dancing was even more amazing. Tomorrow is another night with the group with salsa dancing lessons and more tapas (Spanish appetizers). 

Spanish fun fact: before a performance, when the lights go dark and the announcer says "please turn off your cell phones", this really means "take the next five or six minutes to finish texting whoever you were texting"



A group of us at the ballet.
A group of us in front of our school, Mester.