• Walking in Spain and Morocco: Individual Practice, Public Choreography, Cultural Meaning

Our Final Days in Barcelona

Well, it seems all of the sudden we find ourselves with only one day left abroad. Where did the time go?

Sunday we spent the day around Barcelona looking at various government buildings and wandering around the downtown area. Some of us made it up to Montjuic, a nearby hill with many interesting museums. We spent the rest of our time just enjoying being able to spend time in this city and with each other.

Today we were able to meet up with Luther alumns Matthew and Lisa Busche, who gave us a quick tour of Girona, a lovely little city north of Barcelona. We spent the day with them there, exploring the city and surrounding countryside. We also got to experience a true thunderstorm, somewhat of a rarity in the area, we're told! All in all, an enjoyable day.

Tomorrow we have an open day to spend as we please in Barcelona, and we all are looking forward to being able to have this time to say goodbye to this fair city.

We'll keep this short as we're all rather busy writing our final papers and studying for our exam, as well as preparing to return home. Thanks for following along with all of our adventures! Our next post will be coming at you from good old Decorah, IA, USA. Until then, adios!