• Walking in Spain and Morocco: Individual Practice, Public Choreography, Cultural Meaning

Our Last Days in Marrakech

Our time in Marrakech has been a whirlwind of color, sound, and smell. It's hard to believe it's almost time to move on! Where did this week go?

We spent our Wednesday morning exploring some old, elaborate palaces in small groups, then came together in the afternoon for an informational tour on Islam in Marrakech. It was a fascinating experience, as most of us know very little about the religion. Our tour guide was sunny and cheery despite the rain, and we had a lovely time together in our parade of umbrellas.

Thursday our focus turned to the new city, and we spent the day exploring the city center and the gardens in the area. We all particularly enjoyed the Majorelle Gardens, which housed a beautiful collection of plants from across the globe. The new city is very different from the neighborhood we have been staying in, with larger buildings, streets, and sidewalks, as well as a more European feel. The iconic soft red color of the buildings still carried over to this part of town, however. This seems to be Marrakech's "signature".

Today we were free to choose how we spent our time, so most of us spent it enjoying the sunshine, food, and shopping around our area and in the Djemma al Fna.

I think I speak for all of us when I say it will be very hard to leave in the morning! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here; the exposure to such a different culture has been fascinating and we have met some of the kindest people. It will be difficult to say goodbye, but our journey continues on. Talk to you next time from Barcelona! Thanks for checking in.