• Ecology of the Southwest

Arrived in Big Springs, NE

After a long day of frosty van windows, juicy podcasts, gas stations selling cowboy garb, and plenty of cows along Highway 80, we have arrived in Big Springs, Nebraska!

We left around 7:30 this morning as planned, stopped for lunch in western Iowa, and had dinner in North Platte, NE.

As we drove farther west, we noticed more and more irrigation systems sitting atop farmland where the climate is too dry for most crops to grow without irrigation - something we don't see as much in Luther's home state of Iowa.

Shortly before arriving in Big Springs, we saw signs for the town of Ogallala, NE. This mouth-full of a name may sound familiar - the Ogallala Aquifer is one of the biggest in the world, and provides the water that irrigates farmland in the west. We're sitting atop it now in our motel in Big Springs, only a short drive from the northeastern corner of Colorado.

While it's by no means tropical, it is a bit warmer here than in Decorah. It was a balmy 15 degrees in North Platte for dinner. It'll only get warmer from here!

We're headed off tomorrow bright and early for Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We'll break up the day with a stop at the Black Forest Fire and a mile-long hike.

Our regards, and stay warm!

Ogallala Aquifer