• Reconciliation in South Africa

Cape Town

It's our last night in Cape Town and we all have plans to go out and celebrate this fantastic J-Term. I'm just posting a quick update to say that we are all sad to leave, and we have enjoyed Cape Town immensly. I will finish the blog posts sometime in the next few days, just to document what we've done here. I apologize for not being consistent with updates, and once you talk to your loved ones who came on this trip, you'll understand why. We've been so busy and engaged in our discussions that we've been exhausted at the end of the day. Not to mention the homework aspect of the trip, which involves detailed journal entries and preparation for our final paper.

We leave Cape Town tomorrow night at 10pm, and get into Chicago on the 29th. We hear we'll be welcomed with freezing temperatures and ice-cold wind chill. I won't even mention that it's 80 degrees here and the Indian Ocean is warm and full of penguins.

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait 'till you hear all the stories I didn't have room for! Please, ask us hard questions about South Africa and our trip- we'd love to answer. Many of us have been changed by this journey, and would love to share our personal stories and moments that have made us re-evaluate our role in the world and in our communities. This once in a lifetime opportunity will be with us for the rest of our lives (unlike our wicked sun-burns).

I'm off to go enjoy this last night we have in South Africa, so goodbye, and you'll hear from us soon!