• Reconciliation in South Africa

-30 to 70: The Transition From Snow to Sun

As we frantically send our last tweets, check facebook for the final time, and call our loved ones to brag about the 100 degree temperature difference between Iowa and Johannesburg, we, the students of the Nave/Mtisi Adventure of a Lifetime, are officially excited to take off. 

As we're being shuttled to Chicago with another Luther J-Term group (headed for Cambodia), the buzzing of conversations is interspersed with the crinkling of granola bar wrappers and the obligatory "selfies" between seat-mates. We'll see how long we stay energized after the layover in London. My guess is I'll hear more snoring and see more yoga in the isles. Gotta keep that blood flowing. 

Professor Mtisi informed the group that he has already landed in Johannesburg and is eagerly awaiting our arrival. Looks like he got the sweet end of the deal, as Professor Nave must keep track of us 21 students between Chicago and Johannesburg. I have good vibes from this group, and I'll bet we only get closer as the days go on. 

Some of our fellow classmates are already at the airport, and we're hoping for minimal flight delays. As of now, we're scheduled to take off at 9:15. The cold weather only allows for airport personell to be outside no more than five minutes at a time. Did I mention it's a hundred degrees warmer in South Africa?

We have an eight hour layover in London, and students have the option to go and see the London sights if they so desire (The rainy weather might dampen the hopes of enjoying a London winter). But, in the words of fellow traveler Sadie Stoiber, "I'm just anxious to get out of this weather!". 

With that, we've made it to the airport full of excitement and energy, which will come in handy once we begin the course. Peace and reconcilliation is a difficult topic, but our group is ready to tackle it head on. And hopefully end the course with A's. 

Paul Esker dons an eccentric attire at Chicago O'Hare airport.
Ami Gilbert, Henry Jungbauer, Julia Joseph, and James Cochrane wait patiently to check luggage at Chicago O'Hare Airport.
Katelyn Wagner, Karly Karst, and Shannon Gallagher await their flight in Chicago.
A view of our plane at the Chicago airport.
Ami Gilbert and Sadie Stoiber get settled on the airplane.