On Our Way to LA!

Day 17
Train day, yay… again. This train ride is only 12 hours, so hopefully it will be much more enjoyable than our last train ride. And so far it has been much better. We are going through the middle of California, on our way from San Jose to Los Angeles. This is the view I was expecting from the first train ride. I’ll need to show you guys the pictures when I get a chance. This time we actually did ride right along the ocean. With the sun setting behind it, it truly was a spectacular view. This added with the fact that we shouldn’t have to attempt to sleep on this train should make for a great trip.
Anyway, today has been pretty uneventful. I’ve watched a lot of Psych the TV show (which we should actually be passing Santa Barbara, where it’s filmed, shortly.) And I’ve also caught up on my blogging.
Okay, the train stop of Santa Barbara did not look like the Santa Barbara in the TV show. I wonder if It’s actually filmed there. The rest of the train ride was pretty uneventful. I think quite a few of us spent the majority of our time in the lounge car. A table and bench rather than just a chair gives you a lot more room to stretch out. Plus the lounge car is what has the great big windows to give the spectacular view. I wish there was more to talk about on this day, but today was really just a travel day.