Seattle- Day 1

Today was our first official day in Seattle.  We started the day off by having breakfast in the hotel's lounge called Flicker.  It offered buffet or ordering food from the menu.  The bacon was delicious, and the buffet offered was nice in order to save money because we called all stuff ourselves for breakfast in order to save money on other meals!

After our kick-off meeting, a few of us students went to Pike Place Market where we were able to see a lot of fresh fish and little shops.  It was very crowded and smelled strongly of fish, but it was fun!  We found some cool music and book shops along with some souvenir shops.  Then we went to the first Starbucks store.  It was very crowded again with mostly tourists taking pictures.  After that we walking to the water front.  Birds filled the water front as well as Pike Place Market; they were not fazed by people that we could almost touch them.  And just before going back to the hotel we found a wall in an alley filled with ABC gum (already been chewed gum).  It smelled awful!  

We have just gotten back to our Red Lion Hotel in downtown Seattle.  We are all so exhausted that most people are napping.  Tonight we looked at going to a comedy club near our hotel.

Pike Place Market
The Gum Wall
The Group at Amazon