My J-term Bucket List- Post #1

First things first. My name is Shelby Nelson...a Junior in the land of the Norse (aka Luther College which you probably figured out because you are on our webpage) and a Communication Studies major Computer Science minor. I am was born and raised in Viva Las Vegas (so I am very happy to be going to my old stomping grounds) and hope to one day establish a satisfying and monumental career in advertising!

It is about a week before I head off to explore the innovative world of Seattle, Silicon Valley, and LA! Although I have had this program on my mind since the moment I was accepted, I figured it was about time I start documenting my thoughts to share with the world. I believe that similar to creating a bucket list while traveling through this journey called life, more specified bucket lists may be in order for more life changing mini-journies such as this J-term trip I am about to embark on! This being said, I have created a J-term bucket list that I will share with whomever may be taking time out of their busy schedule to read this blog post. So thank you and enjoy!

The J-term Bucket List of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

  1. Buy an array of professional outfits to impress any potential future employers.
  2. Create my own business card...I feel so grown up!
  3. Learn all I can about all of the companies we are visiting both big and small. Nothing is better than an informed audience. Note: not just standard Wikipedia stuff but what they are currently working on, their business mantras and overall goals.  
  4. Ask at least two informed and sincere questions at each company.
  5. Try not to develop "Camera Eyes"--a term I made up for going somewhere and allowing your camera lens to replace your real eyes. Appreciate the moment!
  6. Don't be afraid to do things outside my comfort zone! other words. Don't chicken out if we go to Alcatraz.
  7. Go to the beach! Home sweet home.
  8. Get a souvenir from each place we go. Sorry bank account.
  9. Listen all the time! Don't let tour tiredness wear me down.
  10. Don't focus so much on the marketing side of things. Take on new perspectives even if they seem outside of your grasp of understanding.
  11. Get tan. I'll give it a shot.
  12. Blog every day about what I learned so I will never forget! And my lovely readers will learn.
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