Brief Course Description

Norway is well known as a world leader in peace studies. This course will focus on the work of Norway’s Nansen Center for Peace and Dialog (NCPD). The NCPD works in peace education for refugees in Norway and in dialog/reconciliation projects in deeply segregated societies in the world. This course involves residency in Lillehammer at the NCPD to learn about peace and reconciliation dialog, issues in contemporary Norway, and the history of ethnic religious and political conflict in the Balkan Peninsula. After residency in Lillehammer, Norway and several days in Oslo, we will travel to the West Balkan states of Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  First we will experience historic Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea. We then will proceed to Nansen Dialog Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to smaller cities, students will experience the capital city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This course is offered by Laurie ludin-Nelson (Luther) with Steinar Bryn of the NCPD, who has a long relationship with Luther College and has twice been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for the Nansen Center’s work in peace dialog.