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Rainy Days in Dubrovnik

Even with the rain soaking through our coats, we had a great time in Dubrovnik. There was an easy bus ride down to the Old Town, and we took full advantage of our bus passes to check out the beautiful architecture and culture.

The big draw for everyone was to walk the ramparts of the wall around the Old Town. I happened to be a part of the group that went out on Sunday. Even though my “water proof” jacket was soaked by the time we got to the bus stop, we had an awesome time during the whole 40 minute walk. Even with the grey skies and heavy rain, the view was consistently beautiful. I apologize in advance that the pictures will not do Dubrovnik justice.

The whole country is a really interesting blend of Italian and Slavic influences. The music, architecture, and food all showed this combination. Buildings with tile roofing and narrow streets nestled into the mountains, definitely gave us a new experience compared to the eerily familiar Norway.

On Tuesday the weather was a bit better and we went up to the Homeland War Museum for the attack on Dubrovnik in the early 1990’s. The museum is in an old fort built by Napoleon in the 19th century that was a crucial part of the resistance during the war.

The whole exhibit was incredibly powerful. We watched news footage from the event and watched how dangerous and desperate times got as homes were destroyed and the community lived off of conservative rationing. It was especially moving for our class since we were all born during these years. How lucky we were to have been born in the nice, calm Midwest.

Dubrovnik gave us so many reasons to be thankful: peaceful lives, good food, gorgeous views. Even with our clothes still damp from the rain, we made the most of every minute. The people all treated us so well (we all have a favorite shop owner or two there), and like Norway, we all look forward to the day when we get to go back.