• Peace and Reconciliation Dialog in Norway and the Balkans

Day of Dialogue

Today the group had a very full day of learning about Nansen Center’s dialogue process. We watched a movie based around the dialogue, and practiced some of the dialogue activities with some of the Norwegian students in the academy.

The documentary “Reunion –Ten Years after the War” is actually a sort of sequel to another documentary that was filmed about a dialogue event between Serbs and Albanians that happened 10 days before the NATO bombings in Kosovo (1999). Then ten years later the group gets together again and watch that documentary and go through the dialogue process another time. The great irony of the second peace is that there is a great role reversal when the bombings occur so the second time the group meets back up both groups have their own stories of being victims.

Then after another lesson in contemporary Norway, we gathered as a big group with some students of the academy to practice dialogues. We split into groups and first just practiced good listening as everybody took turns talking about themselves. Then we split into different groups and talked about times when dialogue can be really useful, and situations when we should have used dialogue.

This weekend I hope to have enough time to post a bunch of pictures and properly explain dialogue. Now I will just explain that dialogue, is not simply discussion, there’s much more too it. Anyway. I’m about to join the rest of the group in some more bonding with the Norwegians.

Infact, I promised one of the students here that I’d let her write a hello to you-

Hello I’m Mari! Your daughter/sister/friend [Sarah] is awesome. She just said: I’m a maneater. She quoted Nelly Furtado. We both love her (nellybelly, that is). We are having a really good time together, laughing and being cool kids. I am saying hello from Kristina who’s sitting next to me. Life here in Lillehammer/Nansen is great. I hope you will consider coming here. A lots of love from Mari!