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Cheers New Zealand!

While sitting in the Auckland airport we’ve been reflecting on some of the things we’ve learned on our trip. Here are some we came up with:

Cheese can look a lot like butter

Free Wifi is never really free.

Men don’t wear flip flops

Tomato sauce is not ketchup

Sunscreen can be a challenge to apply

There is a fine line between a nice stranger and a creepy poet

You’re never too old for a playground

Kiwis are nocturnal

Cheers has many meanings

Tourists take a lot of  pictures

Kevin can be some fun

Because of our weight we require a static takeoff

10 minutes left of a trip is really 40 minutes

It’s nice to get away from technology every once in a while.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

No ozone = good tans (or bad burns)

Adults in other countries get summer vacation

Estimated hike times aren’t accurate when you walk at the speed of an Olympic walker

Everyone knows everyone in New Zealand

Don’t accidently call your waitress a pig

Some things can be lost in translation

Country music is not a genre in New Zealand

A sweatshirt tied around your waist is very convenient and stylish

What makes up a southern man

Never trust Tim and Tom

Pub on Wharf is a beautiful pub

The dead man to the elephant is the best dance move combo

And most importantly, we are all very blessed to have had this opportunity!

After 30 hours of travel we will be looking forward to seeing our friends and family, but we’ll certainly be missing the fantastic New Zealand summer weather!

Group photo on our last day with all of us rocking the Joel Martin style!
All smiles but sad we have to leave!