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Adventure City

Yesterday our day started with a scenic gondola ride up a mountain over looking Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. After exploring the attractions atop the mountain, we enjoyed a luxurious taste of New Zealand buffet! The food was delicious and our table had spectacular views of the town and the lake. 

After our feast of a lunch, a few of our group members tried their fate at the downhill luge. Once they mastered the beginner track we cheered them on as they raced down the advanced track!

Following the gondola ride back down, we spent most of our afternoon at the beach. Although we enjoyed the freshwater as opposed to salt water, we missed the soft sandy beaches found by the ocean. 

Today was full of adventure for our group as we all had a plethora of thrill seeking experinces lined up for the day. To start off the morning, six of us dared to parasail around Lake Wakatipu. The views were wonderful and everyone enjoyed the experience!

Bungee jumping and jetboating are in store for several of our group members this afternoon. The bungee jumpers have arrived back safely and are still rushing from the adrenaline. The jetboat is set to take off any minute and is sure to be a fun ride.

We have another full day in Queenstown tomorrow before leaving on Friday. So far we only have class and a group dinner on our schedule before we fly out of Queenstown on Friday afternoon. 

The group all working hard on their journals!
View from the group buffet!