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Safe and Sound

We were informed that an earthquake was reported on the North Island of New Zealand but fortunately we did not feel any of the effects from the quake down here in Nelson.

Since our last post we’ve traveled from Picton over to the quaint town of Nelson. We took the scenic route from Picton to Nelson and although the views were outstanding, the winding roads took a toll on our tummies. We were much relieved to arrive in time for the 23rd Annual Nelson Kite Festival! The sky was filled with enormous kites of all designs.

We spent out next day watching yachting and sailing from the deck of the Nelson Yacht Club restaurant.  The New Zealand Laser Championship and Nelson Regatta were both taking place this weekend, and just a short walk from our hostel. We conversed with some locals on the differences between yachting and sailing and didn’t quite find a confident answer.  

The group ended the day with some relaxing time at the beautiful Nelson Beach.

Today started early with a 6:30am wakeup call in order to catch our bus to Abel Tasman National Park. Our tour started with a short cruise along the coast of Abel Tasman before we were dropped off at Medlands Beach to start our six and a half mile hike to Anchorage Bay.

We were provided a wonderful sack lunch consisting of a sandwich, scone, quiche, apple, cookie, and juice-yum! One of our group members tripped at the park and scraped his knee, he insists he felt the ripple effects of the earthquake but we all believe otherwise! We all had a first row seat at the battle of Wounded Knee as he cleaned up his scrape.

Tomorrow we have a free day in Nelson and the weather calls for our first chance of rain. On Wednesday we venture to Dunedin for the next three days.

Last dinner at Lochmara before heading to Nelson!
Walking over the swing bridge at Abel Tasman National Park!