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Kiwis Are in Season!

On Wednesday we visited Maori television and learned about their struggle to keep the Maori language prominent in New Zealand culture. 

Afterwards we took a cab ride to visit the New Zealand Breakers basketball organization. We were excited we didn't have to walk to this activity! We enjoyed our outgoing and overly friendly cab driver! At their offices we were fortunate enough to speak with their general manager Richard Clarke, and we heard about the team's philosophy and mission.

Following the Breakers event, we took a short ride over to Mt. Eden, which over looks the city of Auckland. The views were breathtaking and its not something we will soon forget!

For our last event of the day, we attended a cricket match between the Auckland Aces and the Northern Knights. The match took place at Eden park which was the home of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. We sat in "sixer territory" which if you don't understand what that means, neither do we! The cards weren't in the Aces favor as the home team folded 180 runs to 151. 

Today was our first free day of the trip and boy did we fill it up with activities! After breakfast we took a ferry to Waiheke Island which is about 35 minutes off the coast of Auckland. Upon arrival, we made a couple local friends who led us to beautiful beaches, fun walking paths, and hole in the wall fish and chips restaurants.

We grew together as a group through the ups and downs of our travels. We discovered both Little and Big Palm Beaches, which both contained their unique surprises! So far we have had great rapport with the Kiwis, with the exception of one group member who had a little trouble ordering off of a menu today! 

Early tomorrow morning we fly out to Wellington to start our next phase of our excursion! Check back for more updates while we're keeping it Kiwi in New Zealand!

Us at the Auckland Aces game with our new friend Ace!
Some of the boys showing off their artsy side with a statue in an Auckland park.