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Abel Tasmin is beautiful!

Hopefully you all enjoyed Joe and Rhonda's post. They were very kind to write such nice things about us but we also would like you to know that they have made this trip amazing for all of us! They are two amazing people and we are very lucky to share this experience with them.

Today it has been raining all day, so we have decided to do a Lord of the Rings marathon in honor of being in New Zealand, since they were filmed here. The cool part is we can make connections with the movie and places we have seen. 

Yesterday was a very fun and exciting day. We went sea kayaking again with three wonderful guides. The weather was so beautiful. We rode water Taxis to a point and kayaked from there - the ocean is amazing. Our guides told us many stories and it was  interesting to listen to and learn about some of their history. We saw a lot of seals. One of our guides hoped to see whales or sea pandas but we did not have much luck.

Tomorrow we are excited because our accomodations are suppose to be very near the beach. We are realizing our time here is coming to an end and we are very sad. We are trying to soak up as much sun as we can before coming back to the frozen tundra.


Chloe Meyer