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We just made it to our accommodations here and they are beyond our expectations. We are very spoiled here and don't want to leave. We are doing a couple of wine tastings during the day and then a group is going to make steak and potatoes tonight for dinner.

The past couple of days we have had no internet access but we stayed at some nice cabins in Milford sound. We had some amazing experiences there. First we split in to two groups and split up in activities. One group sea kayaked in and out of many different bays around the area, we got to see clouds of jelly fish is was so cool to see. The other group mountain biked to a pier where they were lucky enough to swim. The next day we switched and the second kayaking group went out and saw hundreds of dolphins who swam right under their kayaks. Two amazing experiences were had on the kayaks and we hope to have more.

The second night we stayed there we were told to go to the waters edge, when we got there there were plankton that were luminescent. We all loved it and played around in them for a while, unfortunately you could not get it on camera at all.

During the day when we were not doing our activities we spent a lot of time reading and playing in the water. Last night we played kick ball and sardines as a group, we have been having a lot of wonderful bonding time.

Cheers kiwis,
Chloe Meyer