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About to go to Nelson!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay on the blogs. We've had trouble finding free wifi. 

We've done SO much, since I last posted. We finished our second hike of the trip called the Routeburn. We were hoping this one was going to be easier than our first. Some of it was very difficult but again we all made it to the hut and had a great time. This trek was only 2 days and one night so we didn't have to bring as much and luckily our packs were lighter. 

After the trek we came to Queenstown, where we got a lot of free time to spend how ever we pleased. This was a nice break from our busy schedule. Most people did an expensive (but thrilling) activity and others relaxed and shopped. Everyone spent their money wisely - hopefully. 

It's Saturday here and we are about to fly to Nelson with a layover in Christchurch. I am not sure what the internet situation is in Nelson, because we are staying in cabins. We are very excited to do more new activities, such as kayaking. You might also be lucky enough to read a blog by someone else there.

Cheers kiwis!