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Done with first trek!!

We made it to Wanaka. We just got done with our first trek, it was amazing. Our first day was a very difficult 8 mile hike up hill. All of us were very excited to finally get to our first hut. We were surprised because the "hut" was a lot nicer than we expected. We each got our own mattresses and it was great to eat a nice hot meal after our hard day. The second day was a little easier than the first because most of it was down hill but it was hard on our knees. We stayed in another hut and got to swim in a waterfall, even though it was freezing cold it felt amazingly like a shower. We covered 10 miles the third day, it was mostly flat land which helped our sore legs a lot. The third hut was great, it had a spectacular beach view and we were able to swim. The whole group made it through the trek without any injuries besides minor blisters. The views and walking on mountain ridges was unbelievable. Today we got to Wanaka and are very tired. We are excited to rock wall climb tomorrow. 

Later kiwis, 

Chloe Meyer 

This was part of our panoramic view from our first hut.