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What's Up in Windhoek

Hey Folks!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind these past couple of days in Windhoek.  We've gone from haggard travelers suffering from jet-lag and in need of a shower to Luther choral students soaking up every new experience like a sponge.

After arriving in Windhoek around 2 pm (6 am CST), we slowly trudged through security and stepped out into the Namibian sun. The warm rays touched our cheeks; that's when we knew that we would love Namibian weather :)

The food has been amazing so far. Our first night, we ate a nice pasta and pizza meal at an Italian restaurant, and tonight we enjoyed the exotic foods of Joe's Beer House (Zebra steak and oryx, anyone?)

All entertainment and exploring aside, the experiences that have probably made the largest impressions on our hearts and will hold some of the strongest memories have involved singing.  We had our first rehearsal today at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN).  After a strong rehearsal in a wonderfully resonant chapel, things were put into perspective pretty quickly.  We become even more connected as a group when we blended our voices together in a completely foreign environment.

A particularly touching experience occurred this evening, when we sang a couple of songs for our waitress as a way to say thank you.  She and the other servers even sang along with us, which helped me understand something important: we cheered her up and improved her day, but we were also touched by their joining together with us in song. Our hearts were connected in that moment, and it did not matter that we did not know one another and that we lived in different countries.

We, again, thank you for your patience in waiting for our blog posts. To parents, friends, and extended family, it is important that you know that with our very heavily-scheduled days to come and limited wi-fi access, we will most likely not be posting every day.  However, we will let you in on important details and when we will be traveling to areas with no internet access for extended periods of time.  All is well here and we are assimilating into the culture well. Guten abend and Goeie nag from Namibia!

Fred and Shayla

Luther students rehearsing at ELCRN