• Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa

Touchdown in Africa

Hello from beautiful and balmy Johannesburg! After a nearly 12 hour plane ride, we landed on African soil around 7a.m. our time. (11 p.m. CST) The temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees, and after a couple days worth of subzero temperatures at Luther, it is a welcome change.

As you can easily see, we also arrived safely in London, but do to time restraints and wi  fi difficulties, we were unable to post the blog. We arived in London around 10:35a.m. (4:35 a.m. CST). We spent a couple of hours wandering the streets of central London, enjoying attractions such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the National Gallery. All of us were excited to try UK cuisine, with local pub fish and chips being the main feast for most of us. After our quick walking tour and lunch, we road the Tube back to London Heathrow and prepared for a long trek to Johannesburg. London proved to be a spectacular break from the long plane rides. The gorgeous Old World charm of thencity's buildings and the ecclectic mix of tourists and local Londoners made our sit seeing worthwhile. 

Thank you for patiently waiting for us to post about our travel situation. We have one more connecting flight at 12:00 p.m. to Windhoek. 

Stay tuned!

Fred and Shayla