• Renaissance Drawing in Historical Context

"Nino is here."

Ciao! My name is Jayne Cole and I will be serving as a co-blogger on the Art 290 trip in Italy. 

Yesterday was our first full day in Rome. We began with a tour given by Nino, complete with headsets and earbuds. We traveled to sites familiar to those who have taken Survey I, all with Nino's dulcet voice saying "Nino knows, I am here," if we ever strayed too far away. We got the chance to walk on the original roman walkways and through the Colloseum. All we needed was a roman helmet and toga! We finished our day with a visit to the BarberinI Palace to begin our sketching, looking to works by Carvaggio and others for inspiration. 

Today we visited another gallery after a wish at the Trevi fountain on the way to the school. Our destination was a reproduction school whose students looked to the Italian masters to learn their craft-much as we are doing as well. That was followed by a trip to the villa Medici for a tour of the gardens. Functioning as the French Academy, the gardens were filled with reproduction sculptures.

Not only are we bettering our drawing, Sarah and Ben have been encouraging us to practice Italian. I finally mustered up the courage to say "bongiarrno" to our waiter at lunch, only to respond with "danke" upon receiving my panino. At least we have a few more days of practice! 

Pictures to come!