• Renaissance Drawing in Historical Context

Art 290: Italy

Oculus of the Pantheon

Papparazzi in Roma

Photos of our adventures so far (taken by our own esteemed "trip photographer", Evan Sowder)! Just giving you a sneak peak of what we've been experiencing so far.

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Pictures from Venice

Here are some pictures from our stay in Venice, all taken by our lovely photographer Evan Sowder! 

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Seeing the Pietá

A blog post where Nicole makes snarky movie references and talks about seeing the beauty of St. Peter's Basillica and Michelangelo's Pietá. 

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"Nino is here."

With our bellies full of pizza and pasta and the help of our tour guide Nino, our group was ready to roam Rome.

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We' have arrived in Italy

Traipsing and traveling our way to our first destination, Rome. Our pencils are sharp and our sketchbooks are ready for an adventure! 

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