• Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: the Ancient and Modern City

Free Day Museum Visits in Paris

Today we did not have a scheduled museum visit for the whole class. Instead we had a free day to visit whatever we wanted. To fill my day I decided to visit the naval museum and the separate army museum. At this point in the course I was feeling comfortable in the city and on the metro system so I went to the museums by myself, which was an experience on its own.

The first museum I went to was the navy museum. I was really interesting because inside they had numerous large models of the ships used in the French navy, from old warships to present day aircraft carriers. This was really cool to me because I used to watch my stepmother assemble similar models on a much smaller scale while growing up. The museum also had many paintings depicting a wide variety of naval scenes, from battles to storms. All were grew to look at, not only for their stunning beauty, but also because it gave me a glimpse of what it's like to be out at sea. Overall, it was a great museum to visit.

After lunch I went to the army museum. This museum was really cool because it had all kinds of exhibits, from medieval sets of armor to uniforms from World War II and everything in between. I really enjoyed seeing the suits of armor and weapons because it was an interesting peek into the past to see how much war has changed. There were videos of battle strategies used by the Emperor Napoleon to win his important battles. Overall, it was really intriguing to see the development of warfare for France as time went on and how they adapted for new technology like gunpowder. It was a great experience to visit both of the museums to look deeper into the history of France that not many know much about.