• Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: the Ancient and Modern City

First Two Days in Florence

Florence, within the first two days, has captured my interest, thughts, and heart. Coming from small town Iowa, I am not well orientated nor necessarily comfortable with city life. However, Florence is a place with all the qualities of the big city, yet still resonating with a comforting feeling of "home." beautiful medieval structures line the streets, holding within them the elements of modern-day Italy. The people I've me there never cease to amaze me with their character and hospitality. A restaurant down the road from hot alveoli medieval style hotel astounded me yesterday with delicious food (a mix of vegetables, pork topped with melted cheese and olive oil, with bread) that blew me away with rich flavor. If I spoke spoke Italian, I would have complimented the chef's ear off!

A highlight would definitely be the Santa Maria Novella. This medieval church hold several different smaller chapels, each uniquely painted and structured. One of them my favorite, had paintings of the last judgment in the center wall, and paintings of heaven to the left, and hell, to the right. Having read Dante's Divine Comedy, I was able to understand the paintings in greater detail, sthat's the levels of hell depicted from the "Inferno." I look forward to seeing what great splendirs await on the road ahead.